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Karol Król – cofounder of Collaborative Economy Center (cgs.org.pl/en), Vicepresident of Polish Crowdfunding Society and owner of crowdfunding.pl. He is a frequent conference speaker, advisor on alternative finance and crowdsourcing and helps early stage companies raise funds.

He is an author of a book „Crowdfunding. From idea to business, with help from the crowd” and contributor to many publications, including „A framework for european crowdfunding” and „Moving Mainstream. The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report”. He also organises series of events called „Innovation in SMEs financing”.

He is a graduate from capital investments at Poznan University of Economics. In the past he was involved in ICT and e-commerce projects. He is a mentor to AIP Business Link and cooperates with several NGOs.

Cooperation opportunities

Advisiory and business support
If you are looking for professional advisory on crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and/or collaborative innovation feel welcomed to schedule a teleconference or face-to-face meeting. We can provide you with complex suport in establishing your business in Poland, as well as offer legal and marketing services.

Polish/CEE market
If you are interested in expanding to Poland or market your products and/or services we can provide you with required knowledge, networking and legal suport. We aim at finding the best opportunities for your business growth.

If you are looking for experienced conference speakers or panelists, we will find you most suitable professionals. We have already shared our visions and experiences with international media, crowdsourcing communities all over the world and during great events in Berlin, Helsinki, Brussels and New York City.

Although most data presented on this blog is written in polish, you can quite easily understand basic information on successful equity crowdfunding campaigns. You can always see money raised (in polish zloty, to estimate in euro divide by 4, american dolar divide by three, pound divide by 5); number of investors; category and URL. Joint stock companies (S.A.) can run successful ECF project also by raising less than 100% of financial goal and limited liability companies (sp. z o. o.) may be overfunded.

If you wish to advertise on crowdinvesting.pl use a contact form and ask for quotation!

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